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Parent Connection Resources

Harper Parent Connection Orientation Handout
The Harper Junior High School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) enthusiastically supports the DJUSD in providing secured online student information access to parents. In order to facilitate a smooth transition for parents and teachers to the new Zangle software, a committee of parents and staff has created protocols to assist teachers and parents using the Zangle Gradebook and Parent Connection Assignment modules.

DJUSD ParentConnection Resources 
Summary of ParentConnection features, technical assistance, and description of the different types of information available to you as a parent.

HELP File 
Extensive information covering ParentConnection features, Types of information available to you as a parent, User Guide, etc.

Answers to the most frequent problems encountered by parents in using ParentConnection.


  1. Why does it say “No Information to Display” after I click Logon and select my child?
    You may need to delete your temporary Internet files (Tools…Internet Options…General…Delete Files).
  2. Why do I get an ”…authentication error…” message after I click Logon?
    You may need to delete your temporary Internet files (Tools…Internet Options…General…Delete Files).
  3. Why don’t I see anything on the “Assignments” tab?
    The “Assignments tab will reflect Zangle’s Gradebook information if the teachers has opted to share that information. Not all teachers are currently using the grading application that provides this option.
  4. Is there some way to change my PIN?
    No. The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is generated by the student database computer system. There is no way to change that number.
  5. Who do I contact about my password?
    If you are able to logon you can change your password using the "Account" link found on the ParentConnection page after logging in. If you have lost or forgotten your password contact either the Elementary or High School office.
  6. Why do my spouse and I have individual accounts? Couldn’t we just use the same one? 
    Because a child’s parents may live at different addresses, parental access was established for each parent individually. The information available will not differ between parents of the same child.
  7. How do I get my child’s information corrected?
    We work hard to ensure the accuracy of your child’s information. However, should you find a mistake, please contact either the Elementary or High School office.
  8. I have two or more login accounts for my children. How do I combine the accounts?
    Contact one of the schools where your children attend, ask the Enrollment Secretary to correct your Contact information.
  9. Who will have access to my email address?
    Parent email addresses provided through ParentConnection will be used only for district communication. Email addresses will not be sold or given away.
  10. I can see some/all of my child’s middle school grades. Are those grades included in his/her cumulative GPA?
    The cumulative GPA is calculated using grades 9-12 only. Any other grades seen on the transcript are informational only.
  11. Why is my child’s ethnicity listed incorrectly?
    The student package does track multiple ethnicity codes, however only the first ethnicity code that was entered at the time of enrollment will be displayed.



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