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Sources for supplies and information that have been used for the NDE garden.

Davis Farm to School: Our networking booster organization that also provides matching garden grant applications. 

Redwood Barn: Don Shor has specific and extremely useful information about gardening and plants here in Davis.  Watch for articles in the Davis Enterprise or look at his website for information on plant selection and care.  The nursery can order in any plant or tree; look for unusual varieties here, also a nice selection of bare root fruit trees in the winter. 

Ace Hardware: They carry a good selection of seeds, 6-pack plant starts, amendments by the bag or in bulk from their rockyard. They regularly stock ladybugs, compost worms and praying mantids but can sometimes sell out.  You can shop online for cheaper worms, however.

Hibbert Lumber: I've purchased pine "door casing" wood strips to use as scarecrow wood supports.  I've cut the pieces into the main piece and crossbar, cut the bottom to a point, and purchased wingnuts and bolts to hold the pieces together.

Kelly's Wholesale Nursery: Kelly can sell you very small plant starts and also trays of 6 packs.

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply: More unusual garden items can be found online from them, and it is possible to drive up to Grass Valley to pick up bulky items. I've also found some children's tools and composting supplies here.   

Windmill feed: A close drive and source for straw for scarecrows.  When you consider what car to use for pickup, just note that the straw bales are messy and heavier than you think.

Big box (Walmart, Home Depot, Michaels, Joanne's, Costco)

Miscellaneous (wood chips, tree trimmings, grapevines)

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