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Heritage Signs Extended to 6th Street

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 City Public Works staff installed four additional Old North heritage street signs in the Old North neighborhood.

Heritage Signs Extended to 6th Street

Old North Heritage Sign at 6th & E

The signs are along 6th, at the corners of 6th and C, D, E, and F streets. These are added to the set already in place that ring the neighborhood along B, Seventh, G, and Fifth.

This extension is as outgrowth of the perimeter sign at Seventh and C observed missing the evening of Saturday, June 13. Monday, June 14, Dennis Dingemans reported this theft to the City Department of Public Works. As the Old North Davis Neighborhood holder of the stock of spare Old North Davis heritage signs, he took a replacement sign to that Department the same day and, at the same time, asked if four additional signs might be put up along 6th Street. Public Works was happy to do this, Dingemans reports.


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