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Jan 15, 2009. Winter Quarter - 1st General Meeting Minutes

Winter Quarter - 1st General Meeting Minutes. Note: certain events have different contacts so please find their emails at the bottom of the page to email them for information.

American Red Cross Club Meeting Minutes: Jan. 15, 2009


I.                    All new members:

a.       Please let Ryann know you need s registration form after the meeting

b.      Registration forms will be emailed out with meeting minutes

c.       Forms can be turned in via email or at the next meeting

d.      All new members have a $5 club member fee

II.                 Some Possible events for this quarter:

a.       Davis Community Meals (DCM)

                                                               i.      Sarah Katz periodically checks the sign-in log at DCM.

                                                             ii.      Location: Davis behind the U Mall in Episcopal church

                                                            iii.      Email Sarah for more information

b.      Davis Interfaith Winter Rotating Shelter

                                                               i.      Need dinner and overnight volunteers

                                                             ii.      Contact Sarah for volunteer information

c.       Baskets of Love:

                                                               i.      Fundraising event

                                                             ii.      Making baskets for abused women

                                                            iii.      Contact: Sarah

d.      American Red Cross Blood Drive

                                                               i.      Monday Jan 19, 2009

                                                             ii.      At Yolo County chapter: 120 Court St in Woodland

                                                            iii.      Need 2-4 volunteers to work 2-4 hours

                                                           iv.      Email Sarah to volunteer

e.       CPR Saturday: February 7, 2009

                                                               i.      Location: Firehouses around Davis

                                                             ii.      NEED INSTRUCTORS!!

                                                            iii.      volunteers needed to help with set up and clean-up

1.      Need 2-3 volunteers per station

                                                           iv.      Contact Chelsea or ARCC Officers to sign-up

f.        Heart of the Home Tour:

                                                               i.      Fundraiser for the Yolo Red Cross

                                                             ii.      More info to come!

g.       Relay for Life:

                                                               i.      April 4th and 5th, 24 hour event

                                                             ii.      Event for the American Cancer Society

                                                            iii.      Team of 15 walks the Tunney field for full 24 hours

1.      “Cancer never sleeps”

                                                           iv.      $75 registration fee for the team so each team member donates $5

                                                             v.      Contact: Soe to sign-up

h.       CPR Class: February

                                                               i.      Who is interested?

                                                             ii.      We offer a discounted price for the class to our members

                                                            iii.      Become a CPR/FA instructor through the Yolo chapter!

1.      Ask us how

i.         Time Out for Caregivers:

                                                               i.      Volunteers are paired with a senior citizen and spends the day with them

                                                             ii.      This gives their caregivers the day off

                                                            iii.      Playing games, hanging out…loads of fun

                                                           iv.      Hours are 9-2 with lunch included

                                                             v.      More information to come so look out!

                                                           vi.      Contact: Rachael

III.               Club Website:



Officers Information:


Officer email:

Soe Maw (president):

Chelsea Johnstone (president):

Sara Jones (VP):

Ryann Heasley (Secretary):

Rachael Curtis (Activities Coordinator):

Sarah Katz (Activities Coordinator):

Hong Pham (Publicity):

Mei Tang (Website Manager):

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