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Yolo County CASA: a progress report

November 2012 - On behalf of Yolo County CASA I am proud to share with the Yolo County community a report on our progress. We have been working very hard to ensure that our focus is on providing the best possible support to our advocates as they provide such wonderful compassionate care to the children they serve.

 In order to communicate how far we've come, the board of directors and I put together the enclosed "Report on Progress".  In it you’ll find evidence that we are continuing to provide excellent advocacy to foster children, in smarter more efficient ways.  We are also proud to have embraced National CASA's goal of providing a CASA volunteer for every child in foster care by 2020.

Our volunteer advocates are the heart and soul of our mission.  Mercedes Lawry, former communications director for National CASA wrote a poem about the work our advocates do.  In it she said 

"... This is hard work,

struggling with ripped families

and children in clouds of pain,

anger dancing around in their hearts

in the turmoil of a world

made crazy. This is caring,

yes, but also what is just,

what should be demanded.

It takes love

and a certain measure of courage.

And in the simple act

of person helping person,

It becomes extraordinary.”

We feel that every child deserves the opportunity for an extraordinary partnership with a supportive, caring adult.  Many thanks to our dedicated volunteer advocates who are making a difference in children's lives, and to the Yolo County community for its continued support of our work!


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