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Davinci Charter Academy Speaks Out Against Substance Use

The Da Vinci Charter Academy speaks out against substance use. The following communication was sent to all students and parents. It was also presented in every classroom by teachers who then facilitated a discussion with the students.

This statement was read to students today in class and then there were discussion points. and in addition next week we will be addressing drug use of adolescents again in an assembly situation. Also, Recovery Happens has an excellent webinar for parents on adolescent drug usage.

In the past few months, some light has been shed on an ongoing problem that is facing our school. There have been multiple instances of drug use both on campus and during school hours. We understand that Da Vinci students are not the only students that do drugs, but you are the students that affect and comprise our community. We love and respect each of you and you are our daily inspiration, but we cannot in any way support the choice of drug use or the choice to tolerate and accept it. It negatively affects our whole community when students make poor choices and other students encourage or are complicit with those decisions. This behavior makes it very difficult to create the trusting relationships that are the foundation of our school, and what make it so great. These decisions negatively impact not only the people involved, but the teachers, staff members and students that care for the safety and well being of everyone in the Da Vinci family. Along with the negative effects that drug use has our on community as a whole, there are also negative consequences for those students who choose to make these types of poor decisions:

Community Consequences:

  • Colleges check about school suspensions and expulsions, and admission can be denied as a result „Í Financial aid for college is denied if a student has a drug-related violation „Í Colleges and employers check Facebook for indicators of drug-use and can deny admission or employment based on what they find „Í Many employers require a urine test to become employed, and to maintain employment, getting a positive drug test can result in denying employment or firing a current employee

School Consequences:

  • Possessing, using, selling, furnishing or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol results in a mandatory suspension, and possible expulsion, and law enforcement must be notified „Í Selling a controlled substance will result in a mandatory, district enforced, suspension and expulsion

Legal Consequences:

  • Drug or alcohol related offenses for a minor (anyone under 18), may result in the suspension or restriction of their driver¡¦s license for a minimum of one year, or up until they are 18 years old „Í Providing or furnishing an illegal substance to a minor, including from another minor, is a misdemeanor offense that can result in a $2500 fine, 1 year of imprisonment, probation for up to five years, or any combination of those three things

How does it relate to the DaVinci pledge?

  • Erodes trust between students and staff members „Í Damages the trust between students and your peers „Í Negatively impacts the reputation of our school „Í Violates the spirit and specifics of the Da Vinci pledge „Í Hampers recruitment efforts „Í Imperils the future of our school

Carol Curinga
Da Vinci Charter Academy

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