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eScrip program information and form for Safeway, Save Mart, Target and Nugget

A critical funding source for the Emerson Campus PTA is the various Scrip & eScrip plans available through local businesses and your favorite online retailers. Please review the following list and sign up to generate FREE MONEY for our campus community!


Three ways to help! Go to and

  1. Sign up using your Safeway club card number to generate a 1% donation every time you shop at Safeway.  Already enrolled? You must renew each year so please stop by the eScrip website and keep the donations coming! You can also sign up by filling in the form below & turning it in to the Front Office or at registration.
  2. Register a credit card with the eScrip program to earn 1-5% in donations every time you use that card at a participating local merchant (e.g. Big 5, Lamppost).
  3. If you shop online, start at, click on “At the Online Mall”, and online orders from hundreds of merchants (including iTunes, Eddie Bauer, Shutterfly, HomeDepot, Target, and Petco) can earn 1-10% for the PTA to spend on the Emerson campus community

Nugget Scrip

Sign up for Nugget Scrip card at the Nugget web site, at the Emerson Front Office or at registration. (4% donation)

SaveMart S.H.A.R.E.S.

Fill in the eScript form  return it to the Emerson Front Office or turn it in at registration and we will mail you your card. (3% of purchases donated)

Shop with Scrip

This is a pre-pay program with hundreds of retailers that return 2% up to 16% to the schools.  Examples include:  iTunes, Amazon, every fast food imaginable, tons of restaurants, Barnes&Noble, Bath and Body Works, Chevron, Shell, Arco, Regal, and some large percents (8-12%) for travel costs at Avis, American Airlines, Budget, Hyatt and the list goes on.


Go to and follow the links to register your RedCard today. (1% donation)


Questions? Contact Christina at or 530-761-1259. 

This site provided with the assistance of the Davis Community Network.