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Dress Code

The Davis Junior High Schools try to maintain a professional and friendly atmosphere in which teachers can teach and students can learn.  While each student's mode of dress and grooming may be an expression of personal style and individual preference, a student's choices may affect the educational program or the health and safety of self or others.   

Our goals are to promote school safety and enhance the learning environment, while at the same time discourage distractions that inhibit learning.

If a student's dress is not in accordance with this policy, any staff member may ask the student to make an appropriate correction.


1.              Student dress shall be safe, and neat and clean in appearance.  (Pocket chains, collars or bracelets with spikes and clothing with revealing holes and cutouts are all inappropriate for school wear.) (C.C.R. Title 5, Section 302)


2.              Clothing may not glorify or advertise drugs, gangs, weapons, alcohol, tobacco, tobacco products, or sexual behavior.


3.              Clothing must be free of violent, vulgar, or obscene words or phrases, pictures, or symbols. The rear end of garments should be free of insignias or words.


4.              Footwear must be worn at all times.  Footwear must be safe, practical and not limit student participation in school activities.


5.Clothing, backpacks, make-up and other adornment (e.g. belts hanging down) may not demonstrate or suggest gang-related symbols or colors.  No bandanas or du-rags are allowed at school.


6.              Undergarments and underwear must be covered. 


7.              Shirts and blouses must cover the back to the shoulder blades and all of the stomach and cleavage.  Shirts and pants/skirts must be touching in both front and back.  Shirts and tops cannot have straps that tie or be easily unsnapped.  Inappropriate tops include but are not limited to:  midriff tops, crop tops, tube tops, halter tops, strapless tops. 


8.              All of buttocks must be covered.  Shorts, pants or skirts should be of an appropriate length.  As a general guideline, to determine appropriate length, stand with arms at side making a fist.  The clothing should come to, at least, the bottom of the fist. 


9.              In addition, clothing may not disrupt the educational process.


This dress code applies to all school activities, including before and after school extra curricular events such as dances and field trips.  Generally, students who do not follow the dress code will be referred to the office to change into appropriate school clothing. Students may pick up their changed clothing at the end of the day in the office.  Repeated violations (considered defiance) will result in more serious consequences, including but not limited to detention, in-school suspension and being sent home.


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