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Alumni & Madrigal Italy Wales 2010 Trip

For Madrigal alumni and parents of alumni

Packing Lists For Young Men and Women for the 2010 Italy/Wales Trip


Packing Lists - Young Men


Packing List - Young Women



2010 Madrigal

Join the Madrigals for our trip to Italy and Wales this coming summer!!!


For information, please contact Matt Forrest


September 4, 2009


Dear Alumni and Friends of the Davis High School Madrigals,


The Davis High School Madrigals have been honored with an invitation, based on reputation and Audition tapes, to perform next summer in Rome at the Sistine Chapel, St. Mark’s Basilica and St. Peters Basilica.  Pending approval, the Madrigals will also be performing at the Duomo in Florence.


We are delighted to let you know that the current Madrigal families voted in favor for this trip to Italy and Wales on June 28, 2010.  Kingsway Travel presented the proposed tour last week at a special meeting of the current Madrigal parents, and last night the parents voted their enthusiastic support of this long awaited trip.


We invite you to join us on this exciting musical adventure. 


Madrigal Alumni will have the opportunity to perform with the current Madrigals in Masses and perform selected pieces in concerts as well. Music will be sent out to alumni well in advance of the trip and rehearsal time will be built into the schedule during the trip.


If accepted, the Madrigals will also compete in The Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod ( ) in Wales.   In 2006, the DHS Madrigals won the Chamber Choir competition and competed in the Choir of the World competition at this prestigious event!  Although alumni cannot perform with the Madrigals at this competition, they may choose to compete in the individual competitions at the Eisteddfod.  You would have an enthusiastic cheering section! 


 Please see the attached itinerary from Kingsway Travel for detailed information. 


Alumni and Friends will have the option of purchasing the entire land and air package, or one of two land only packages (you are responsible for your own air travel – see brochure for details).

Land and air Italy and Wales   (complete package) $4,111

Land and air Italy Only $3,437

Land Italy and Wales (including air transportation to Wales) $3,096

Land Italy only $2,412


  If you are able to join us on the trip, please complete the Kingsway Travel contract and return it with your deposit by 1 October 2009.


You can keep updated on the Italy/Wales Tour at the Madrigal website at


The contact person for questions regarding the Italy/Wales Tour is current Madrigal parent, (and Madrigal 1978-79 alumnus!) Matt Forrest.  The best way to contact Matt is by email at or phone 530-574-3327 (cell) or 530-231-5567 (home).  We would also like you to send him your contact and choral section information… see below.



If you are unable to join us on this exciting trip, you can join us in spirit by supporting the Italy/Wales tour with a kind donation.  As you can imagine, we are all very excited about this upcoming trip and hope that you will be part of it! 


Best Regards,

Karen Gardias

Director DHS Madrigals



Please take a moment to send the following information to Matt Forrest at

Name ______________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________

Email address:________________________________________________

Phone number:________________________________________________

Madrigal Year(s) _____________________________________________

Part:   Soprano   Alto   Tenor   Bass 


*I am joining the tour and have sent my signed contract and deposit to Kingsway Travel

**I am joining you in spirit and am sending an enclosed donation of $25 __ $50__ $100__ $_______

Please make out donations to DHS Madrigals Inc. and send to

Greg Melcher

DHS Madrigals Inc Treasurer

1315 North Davis Farms Road

Davis, CA   95616

Thank you!

DHS MAD Traveler and Alumni Individual Application

DHS Madrigals Tour Preparation Briefing

Davis MAD Travelers and Alumni Brochure


Tour Packages






Mr. Brunelle's Opus

A tribute place where friends and former students of Dick Brunelle can leave their thoughts, memories, and condolences, sharing them with others.  All contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated!







Is the alumni group a formal organization?


No. It’s an informal group, led by a coordinator who is a member of the current choir’s parents group.


Who can join?


Anyone who was ever in the Madrigals, or in the Madrigals parents group.


Why have an informal group?


For a lot of us, the Madrigals were fun, important, influential, or otherwise significant in our lives. So we want to maintain a way to keep in touch, with each other or with the choir. Also, some of us want to keep supporting the choir, so that new members can have some of the same opportunities we did.


Just curious – how many Madrigal alumni are there?


The choir has existed more than 40 years. It hasn’t always had 32 members like it does now, but if you average, say, 25 members per year, times 40 years, you get 1,000 former members. Add their parents, in some cases stepparents or grandparents, and you’ve got more than 3,000 people.


It’s a big group. The 40th anniversary concert at the Mondavi Center at UC Davis filled the stage and most of the seats.


So what does this alumni group do?


We have an email newsletter – it’s nothing fancy – that we send to people who ask for it. (Sign up at ) The newsletter contains information about Madrigal events, and includes information about how to participate in various ways – by volunteering with the annual dinner, for instance, or donating to the rummage sale, or helping with the auditions each spring. It also tells you about any specific opportunities available to alumni, such as events for alumni, or early ticket sales for the annual dinner. And if the alumni ever get a chance to accompany the choir on one of their trips, which has been discussed from time to time, you’ll read about it at this Web page, and in the newsletter.


At minimum, this page offers alumni a contact point. If you want to know what’s up with the choir, you can contact the alumni coordinator. (See below.)


Understand, of course, that each year’s parents’ group might do this job a little differently. Some years the newsletter might be elaborate. Some years might have events that other years don’t. That’s the nature of a volunteer organization.


Are you looking for money?


Sure. But that’s not the only reason, or even the main reason, that we’ve created this alumni group. We want it to be a place where people can keep up with the choir, help at an event if they want, maybe renew an old connection with other alums. Donations of money are always useful, and help keep the choir strong and active for the students yet to join. But you don’t have to donate a penny.


Do you have an endowment?


No. At least, not yet. We’ve talked about creating one. The parents group worked on one in the 2008-09 year, but setting it up is complicated and we couldn’t get it done by June. A later edition of the parents’ group might be able to build on the work done so far, and get one created.


If it does, you’ll be able to read about it here.


Do you have a calendar of events?


You’ll find it on the main Madrigal web page.


Do you have CDs or DVDs of choir performances for sale?


The main web page will have information about that, too. Ditto for a history of the choir, a photo of the current group, and other useful information.


Who can I contact about the alumni group?


The alumni coordinator, a member of the parents’ group., leads this project. For 2009-2010 the alumni coordinator is Matt Forrest.  You can contact him at


I’m an alumnus, and not looking to get involved or donate money, but I do have a couple of questions about the choir. Can I email the alumni coordinator for help?





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