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2.0. Before Davis & Overview of Periods

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The context in which, and the events through which, there came to be a "Davisville." For an overview, see John Lofland, Davis, "Introduction," pp. 7-12.

2.0.1. Davisville 1868: Twelve Months in Davis' Gestation
Month-by-month and sometimes week-by-week account of the twelve months of 1868 involving the founding of Davis. Originally a quasi-quarterly four-part exhibiit spread over the year of 2008 that was shown at the Hattie Weber Museum of Davis, it is presented here in the same four parts, one each in a separate folder.
Location of the Jerome Davis Farmstead
1868 map of the original Davisville grid overlaid on a 2008 Google photo-map of the same area showing the location of the Jerome Davis farmstead.

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