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1. Davis History as a Whole

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Overview materials, including population statistics.

Population Trends, 1868-20---
The history of Davis' population is presented in three forms: raw numbers, a grey-scale chart, and a color chart.
Chart of Nine Periods of Davis History
Overview of nine periods of Davis history on one sheet of paper.
Number of Buildings Constructed in Davis, 1868-1945
Researching Older Davis Buildings
A list of places in which to look for information on older Davis buildings.
Local History & Historic Preservation in Davis, CA, 1963-2003
Description and anlysis of these two topics over two score years. Draft manuscript by John Lofland
Davis City Council Elections, 1917-2000 (with updates from 2002 to the present)
Pdf files of John Lofland's 2001 booklet with the above title. The contents include four tables showing who ran and the results of City Council elections from the first in 1917 through 2000. Thirty-two pages long, there are several pages of commentary on trends and photographs of many Councils. A fifth and open-ended table inserted below after Table 4 on page 9 extends results from 2002 to the present.
Table of Voting Trends, 1920-2000
A table showing number of registered voters and percent voting by decade.
Oldest Davis Area Organizations
A list of the oldest continuously operated organizations and entities in the Davis, California area.

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