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3. Papers on Davis History Series

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The Publications Commitee of the DHS publishes original research on Davis History in its series "Papers on Davis History." Publication is electronic, meaning that each is a file in this folder. There are six papers in the series at this time. Details on the kinds of papers sought for the series and format aspects are provided in the editoral matter introducing each paper. The members of the commitee are Dennis Dingemans, Merrily Dupree, Lyn H. Lofland (Chair), and Tansey Thomas. If you would like to publish in the Series, contact the committee chair, Professor Lyn H. Lofland, at

Paper #1. A Traditional Minimal House
History of the house at 647 G Street, by Tanya Lieberman
Paper #2. Pre-WWII Views of Old North Davis
Seventeen photogaphs from Lofland and Haig's Davis 1910s-40s with captions by John Lofland
Paper #3. Nineteenth Century Buildings Remaining In Davis
An enumeration of buildings constructed before 1900 still standing in Davis in 2003 by Merrily DuPree
Paper #4. Davis Politics 1971-72
In 1971-72 UCD sociology graduate student Carol Dixon was a pariticipating observer in Bob Black's Greater Davis Research and Planning Group and the larger Davis political scene leading up to the "Revolution of '72" election of April, 1972. Written in the Spring of 1972, this is her report of what she observed.
Paper #5. A 1920s-50s Student District in Davis, California
The start, rise, decline, and demise of a fraternity, boarding, and rooming house district on Second Street between A and B streets, by John Lofland. Because of the need for detailed zoning maps, this is a 4.8 MB file. Please be patient.
Paper #6. The Henry Stelling Family of Davisville: A Dresbach-Hunt-Boyer Mansion Family
Nineteenth century happenings at the Second Street mansion, by Valerie Vann

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