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4. Davis Historic Preservation & Resources

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Demolishing a Historic Hotel: A Sociology of Preservation Failures in Davis, California
Pdf files of John Lofland's 2003 book of the above title. The book is 380 pages divided here into 13 pdf files. This large number of pdf files is required because the book features photographs and other graphics, such as maps, which are "memory intensive."
Critiques of the Hunt Boyer Tank House Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR)
Detailed critical analyses by Valerie Vann, Tim Allis, Jim Becket, Sheryl Gerety, Rand Herbert and Steve Tracy.
Context Statement for the Central Davis Historic Conservation District
Roland-Nawi preservation consultant firm 40 page statement on the history of historic preservation in Davis and features pointing to formation of one or more historic conservation districts. This accompanies some 200 survey forms (not uploaded here) filled out on on various structures and a statement on making the Old North a conservation district (which can be found on the Old North Davis History web site).
Bibliography accompanying the Roland-Nawi Context Statement (above)
Local History & Historic Preservation in Davis, CA 1963-2003
Description and analysis of these two topics over two score years. Draft manuscript by John Lofland
Davis Heritage Buildings: How Many to Start With? How Many Left?
PDF files of John Lofland's Yolo County Historical Society booklet with the above title. In Dec. 1999-Jan. 2000, Lofland compared buildings standing at that time with those on the 1945 Sanborn map of Davis. From this he identified all still-standing buildings and calculated city-wide and neighborhood survival percentages. This booklet reports the results of that research. The pages reproduced here are in the printed format from which the booklet was assembled after printing. For example, pages 1 and 20 form the front and back covers. Pages 2 and 19 form the inside front and inside back covers, and so forth.
City of Davis Designated Historical Resources
Official City of Davis list of the 38 currently designated historic resources.
Comments on B Street Visoning Process, DEIR
Analysis of the Proposed B and Third "Vision," by Valerie Vann
Anderson Bank Building Final EIR
Anderson Bank Building Final EIR
Varsity Theater Flower Boxes
Draft statement by Valerie Vann on the Varsity Theater flower boxes, including historical and biographical information on the Theatre's architect and builders and its place in local and regional architectural history.
Davis Heritage Groups
Dave has three groups that feature Davis heritage, historical resources or historic preservation as concerns.
Heritage Group Joint Statement On the Anderson Bank Building
May 12, 2007, three Davis heritage groups issued a joint statement opposing change in the windows of the Anderson Bank Building.
Howard-Abbot House in Jake's Addition
Documents relating to the Howard-Abbot House in Jake's Addition at 445 Russell Blvd.
Historical Resources Analysis Study of 445 Russell Boulevard, Davis, Yolo County, California 95616
Analysis prepared by Historic Resources Associates for the City of Davis Department of Community Development and Sustainability, March, 2013. 445 Russell is otherwise known as the Howard/Abbot House. This Analysis recommends that the City designate the Howard/Abbott House a Landmark Historic Resource.

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