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Davis Heritage Buildings: How Many to Start With? How Many Left?

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PDF files of John Lofland's Yolo County Historical Society booklet with the above title. In Dec. 1999-Jan. 2000, Lofland compared buildings standing at that time with those on the 1945 Sanborn map of Davis. From this he identified all still-standing buildings and calculated city-wide and neighborhood survival percentages. This booklet reports the results of that research. The pages reproduced here are in the printed format from which the booklet was assembled after printing. For example, pages 1 and 20 form the front and back covers. Pages 2 and 19 form the inside front and inside back covers, and so forth.

pages 1 and 2, front and back covers
pages 2 and 19, inside front and inside back covers
pages 3 and 18
Page 3: intro text. Page 18: aerial photo, Old East Davis, 1946
pages 4 and 17
Page 4: text. Page 17: aerial view of the Old North, 1946.
pages 5 and 16
Page 5: text. Page 16: aerial photo University-Rice, 1953.
pages 6 and 15
Page 6: text. Page 15: East Downtown, 1946.
pages 7 and 14
Page 7: Table 1, Number of Buildings Standing in 1945 and 2000, by Area; and, Table 2, Percentage of Still Standings 1945 Areas by Area. Page 14: aerial photo of East Downtown, 1946.
Pages 8 and 13
Page 8: Table 3, University-Rice Area Number of 1945 Buildings and Still-Standing 1945 Buildings by Street; and, Table 4, same tabulation for the Old North Area. Page 13: aerial photo of Davis, 1946.
pages 9 and 12
Page 9: Table 5, same tabulation as tables 3 and 4 for the Downtown; and, Table 6, same tabulation for the Old East. Page 12: aerial photograph of Davis circa 1939.
pages 10 and 11
Centerfold Sanborn map of Davis in 1945 showing all structures in that year with those no longer there in 2000 marked in black. (There is a lot of black.)

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