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Davis High School Project and Tennis Courts - update Nov 2022


The construction of the new academic building on the parking lot side of the Davis High School\Community tennis complex has begun. This means that during construction only courts 9 – 12 on the north side of the complex are available for DTC members and the public to use. DTC Instructors Dale Hersch and Sally Hosley will continue to give their youth and adult lessons during the day and evenings on the remaining open courts which will limit the availability of courts to everyone else.  

During construction the school district is planning to build 3 new tennis courts in the open field north of the complex possibly before the DHS boys tennis team season begins in the spring of 2023 (this may be an optimistic date).

The overall project is estimated to take a year and half. Once the new STEM building is in and the job completed, the builders will replace the 4 current middle row of courts with new ones and likely resurface/replace any damage caused to the back row of courts, if any is caused by their work.

Due to the impact this construction has on tennis courts please see the list of other courts in Davis below.




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