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The Emerson Junior High counselors have some advice for parents supporting their child through the junior high years. The following are links to articles from past issues of the school newsletter. If your child needs to see a counselor, please call the counseling office at 757-5430 ext. 108. Michael Leahy and Stephanie Meyers are both Emerson counselors.


Davis Parents Do

Can't See the Forest For The Trees!

Parents need to keep the long-range goals in mind when dealing with daily challenges.

Counselor's Checklist

Some quick points that parents could use with their kids (students) when working with them to improve their grades.

Decision Making

Your junior high school kids are faced with making decisions and making new types of decisions throughout the coming years. You and they cannot escape this fact, so let's look at the ways you may genuinely assist them.

Doing the "Process" of School

Parents can gather the information of the new school setting, they can hold this information for the family, including the child, and parents can establish meaningful and constructive dialogue out of the student's experience using the information of the school. Some constructive steps parents can take are provided.

Grades ┬ĘC a Love/Hate Relationship

Some basic information regarding minimum grade requirements to advance and advice on students wanting to make an A grade.

The Private Realm and the Public Realm

How to help your student adjust to differing standards of behavior at school and home.

Rights and......?

Let your kids know what it means in your family to be actively responsible so they he/she can be handed the freedoms they are yearning for.

Communication Guidelines

Some sound advice on how to approach your child's complaint about school responsibilities. Specific language is suggested for parent-student and parent-teacher conversations.

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