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Display on 1905 University Farm Campaign Published

The Davis Historical Society announces publication of “Davisville 1905: The Year the Town Woke Up,” an exhibit on the town’s efforts that year to become the site of the UC University Farm.

Display on 1905 University Farm Campaign Published

Cover of booklet written to promote Davis

The 74 panel exhibit was first shown and enthusiastically received in 2005 at the Hattie Weber Museum of Davis and in 2006 at the UCD Shields Library.

It is now available and free to the public on this site in folder 1.2.4.

Presented in sixteen PDF files, the exhibit’s 74 placards portray scenes and documents on the Davisville campaign that started soon after the March, 1905 passage of legislation to select a site for a UC University Farm.

A committee of seven to promote Davisville was appointed by the newly formed Davisville Chamber of Commerce.  Exact reproductions of many of the original documents are featured, as are reproductions of columns from the Davis Enterprise by Editor William Henry Scott, one of the town’s major boosters. The roles of George W. Pierce and Dr. Walter Bates are highlighted.

John Lofland, UCD professor emeritus, and Jim Becket, Hattie Weber Museum Director, constructed the exhibit in 2005 as a way to celebrate the Centennial of Davis’ involvement in the UC University Farm.

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