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Hunt Boyer Tank House Protection Campaign Underway

Davis preservationists are mobilizing to protect the Hunt Boyer Tank House from demolition or other harm likely to be caused by a proposal for a building on its site.

Key documents in this struggle are published in Folder 2, "Historic Preservation and Resources," to the left on the home page of this site.

The first folder in Folder 2 contains six analyses criticizing the just-released Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) on the Mishka Cafe Project proposed for the Tank House location.

Valerie Vann provides a 16 page, single-spaced critique and there are five, more briefly stated but equally pointed, critical analyses. These are written by Tim Allis, Jim Becket, Sheryl Gerety, Rand Herbert, and Steve Tracy.

All the critiques were not available at press time and will be added as this site gets them.

Vann's critique is here.

The other five are in Folder 2, to the left.

The next step is for the City's consultants to respond to these and other criticisms in a "final" EIR, likely in September.

A campaign regarding this and other next events is being organized.

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