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Bike Lure
Jean Jackman relates how a bicycle ride lured Alan Jackman to teach at UCDavis
Remembrances of a Half-Century Ago
Phil Barker finds differing customs in Ohio and California
Memories of a Red Tomato Town
John Eisele remembers the sights and smells of red tomatoes that were once common in Davis.
Move to Davis – Into A Haunted House
John Eisele relates the weird happenings after moving into an older Davis house.
The Richards Boulevard Underpass
Dave Anderson relates a first person story about mules going under the Richards Boulevard Underpass.
Photo Opportunity
Eve West Bessier delights in abundance of nature, vulnerable to development, in her backyard.
Strange Thanksgiving Bird Visitors
Jean Jackman tells of how pelicans flocked to the North Area Pond Thanksgiving of 2003.
It's The Heat
Eve West Bessier’s song/poem describes the heat of a summer day in Davis. (Memories of a Davis summer to the melody of "Aguas de Marco" by Antonio Carlos Jobim)
Davis and Bette Davis
John Lofland tells of how Davis was almost named after Bette Davis
Inspired by Old Oak Trees of Davis
Oak trees in East Davis have been an inspiration for Andrea Crane
A Modern Day Brigadoon
Rosene Cronic thinks Alice in Wonderful would enjoy living in Davis because of the Brigadoon like attributes.
Jill Brooks describes Asbill Court, an area that used to be between First and Second Streets.
Acorn Story
Christy DeWees tells about making food from acorns.
New School Bathroom Problems by Vera Fontaine
Vera Fontaine begin teaching at West Davis Elementary School, now known as Caesar Chavez, before it was ready to open and some problems developed.
John Eisele was surprised to find Snowy Plovers nesting in the Yolo Basin Wildlife Area
Folk Music Jam Sessions In the UC Davis Arboretum
Elaine Fingerett tells how folk jam sessions at the Arboretum got started.
East Davis School (Valley Oak) 1955 to 1960
Jobyna Kingsbury-Gankin tells of the family-like atmosphere at Valley Oak School.
Before St. Martin’s
Vera Fontaine relates a humorous story of what happened when she played the organ at Episcopal Church service when it met in the Varsity Theater.
Growing an Idea
Anne Hance's recollections of the founding of the Explorit Science Center
Biking Buddy
Jean Jackman finds an 81 year young biking friend
I Was a Rosie the Riviter
Eva Mae Hatton’s coming to Davis story was related to her World War II work ending.
How I arrived in Davis
Jobyna Kingsbury-Gankin came to teach in Davis but there was no place to live.
Strelitzia Flower Company -- “Home Grown and Still Growing!”
Janice Labadie relates the 36 year history, with trials and tribulations, of Strelitzia Flower Company.
Sounding the Fire Alarm
John Lofland relates the workings and problems with an early fire alarm
An Army of Unemployed Camp in Davis
John Lofland tels how 2000 hungry people came and demanded food
Lily Nisen
Annie Nisen relates the triumphs and tragedy of her daughter Lily’s short life
Music In My Life in Davis
Louise Oehler relates the impact music had in the lives of her family.
The Davis Hello!
Casey Powers finds a way to spread cheer in Davis with a younger friend.
A Dark Experience
Norman E. Riley has photographed many Davis landmarks, but his early experiences developing photos proved frustrating.
Welcome to Davis
Gerry Peterson's story of a serendipitous potty stop along I-80
The Cat That Chased Dogs
Sally Sobattka's story about her "guard cat"
Romance Develops at Davis Pickers and Singers
Wendy Silk tells of swine songs that precipitated a romance.
A Brief History of Soroptimist International of Davis
The Soroptimist International of Davis was chartered in 1954 and began doing philanthropic work in its first year.
The Pumpkin Patch
Yoojin delights in all aspects of the Pumpkin Patch.
2006 UC Davis Cycling Team Champions
An incredible achievement by the UC Davis Cycling Team
Bill Wagman's story abut the connectedness related to his KDVS Saturday Morning Folk Show
Believe It Or Not
Martha Amorocho remembers a rare snowfall in Davis.
Davis the Pro-Art City
Isabel Porter grew as an artist with the expanding art opportunities in Davis.
Catch the Beat
Isabel Porter provides a succinct philosophy of life in poetry.
Three Davis Days
Ann Privateer tells of strong visual memories of Davis
Some of My Davis History and How Times Have Changed
Judith Blum gives a brief description of her life in Davis
My Cooking Triumph
Sharon Dario recounts her what happened when she entered a cooking competition.
Ice Cream
Peter Dyer recounts a communication lesson learned on his exchange trip to Davis’ sister city in Ukraine.
Fastest in the Nation
Eric O’Brien decides to go to school in Davis after seeing all of the bicycles on campus and three years later something great happens.
My Move to Davis in 1993
Betty Wilson describes how and why she moved from Plumas County to Davis.
My Tree
Mary MacDonald shares a story about a tree in her backyard.
Kidd Family to Davis
Ida Sue Kidd relates a story about her family in Davis.
Davis Bicycles!
Russell shares the story of trying to promote biking in Davis.
Convergence of Science and Art In Davis City Hall
Betty Wilson’s letter to the editor, inspired by attending Primal Connections.
Ruby Dome Canyon
Phil shares some interesting facts about fall leaves.
My Asian Garden
Huei Young shares a story about how her garden came about.
How I Happened to Run For City Council in 1992 and again in1996
Julie Partansky shares how she decided to run for City Council.
Isabel Porter relates how she and her family came to feel part of the Davis community.
Yolo County Famous 2008 Marriage
Shelly Bailes and Ellen Pontac share how they become Yolo counties first same sex couple to marry.
Treasure Hunting Nerdy Style
Becky explores Davis’s bike paths and parks while geocaching
Journey to UCD
Nancy shares the story of how she and her family came to Davis.
Remembering Davis
Andrzej shares his story of coming to Davis.
What Brought Me to Davis
John Whitehead relates his journey to Davis.
Bicycle Limericks, March 2001 – April 2002
John Whitehead rides in the Davis Bike Club annual March contest to ride as many miles as possible in March and is inspired to write poetry during this annual rite of spring and year-around.
Bicycle Limericks, March 2006 – June 2008
John Whitehead rides in the Davis Bike Club annual March contest to ride as many miles as possible in March and is inspired to write poetry during this annual rite of spring and year-around.
Discovering Davis
Tony Phillips tells how he found out how nifty Davis is.
The Summit
Peter Hays relates a fun anecdote about local peaks.
My First Bike Ride
Gerald Peterson is the voice/translator for a kitten named Escape, found by cyclists.
Posters and Profits
Norman Riley rehabs an 1899 house and finds ancient varsity theatre posters used as a form of insulation - a sort of time capsule.
Partner Painting
Keith and Susan vonBorstel share how they co-paint.
Bears In Davis
Networking knitters spread joy with their bears.
Summer in Davis
Scenery along a nice bike ride.
Waiting Owls
Owls await the fate of development by Judy Moores
West Nile Virus 8/06
West Nile virus impacts the sounds usually heard
Orb Spider
Judy Moores poem about downtown Davis wildlife
Waiting Owls
This entry is a poem about biking.
Orb Spider
This is a poem about a spider encounter.
West Nile Virus 8/06
This is a poem mourning the effects of the West Nile Virus.
Coming To Davis In 1919
A drama filled story about cars, tires and coming to Davis.
Memories of Frank
Don Rudisill relates a story of the son of the first Chinese family to settle in Davis.
Erick Lorenz shares a story about the inspirational power of Amen.

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