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Student Writing Contest Stories 2008

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My Injuries
Kevin L. shares stories about injuries acquired from monkey bars and bicycling.
My Beautiful City
Grace Mariano relates a poem of her favorite things about Davis.
Symbols of Davis
Eleanor relates some of her favorites places in Davis.
Davis Poem
Laurana Hancock shares a poem about Davis.
Sterling Riding Academy
Cassidy S. shares her experience at Sterling Riding Academy.
My Story about Davis, California, my Hometown
Kate Thompson shares her favorite Davis experiences.
Ben’s Awesomely Perfect Davis Day
Benjamin London shares his perfect Davis day with us.
Crazy Black Squirrel
Bryce Gregg relates a story about his crazy black squirrel.
All About Davis
Meredith S. shares a poem about Davis.
The Amazing Day
Mya Kajley shares an amazing day in Davis.
My Fish
Harry B. tells us about his pet fish.
Ms. Foerster
Charlotte Downes-Toney tells us about a great teacher.
True Story!
Jerry Guo tells a story about downed tree blocking traffic.
Me With My Mom
Mandolin Nguyen shares an experience at central park.
Yuhan Kim shares a poem about Davis.
Growing up in Davis
Ting Ting P. shares a humorous story from early childhood.
Brooke Doten shares a bicycling story.
True Story
Albert Chang tells a story about a praying mantis.
The Bat
Julia Jia tells a story about bats in Davis.
Jake Goidell tells a story about wild turkeys in Davis.
Baseball and Soccer
Adrian Sanchez shares how much he loves baseball, soccer, and basketball.
Sithmi Jayasundara shares how she came to Davis.
The Old Willow Tree
Catherine Choi tells a story about an old willow tree.
A Poem About Davis
Ophelia Hsia shares a poem about Davis.
Spiders At Davis
Andrew Smith shares a story of spiders in Davis.
When I Go Swimming
Librado Quintero tells about swimming in Davis.
The Daring Crash
Tomas E. tells a story about a bike crash.
Ryan Kreidler shares a story of a death defying bicycle stunt.
The Farmers Market
Hannah Siemens shares how much she likes Davis Farmer’s Market.
Picnic Day
Alexandra D. relates a fun experience with Jamba Juice.
I Love Davis
Sebastian G. shares a poem about Davis.
Starting to Snow Board
Nicholas Simons tells us about a snowboarding experience.
Saturday in the Park
Anna Belenis shares a thrilling soccer experience.
Tour of Davis
Hanna Richter shares a poem about Davis.
Biking in Davis
Gabriel H. tells us about biking in Davis.
Cookie Sell at the Farmer’s Market
Lucy Shauman tells a story about selling cookies at the Farmer’s Market.
Benjamin Jewell tells a story about fencing.
I Love Davis
Noah Longshore tells a story about his hockey team.
Davis ?
Nina Langley shares why she likes Davis.
Biking in the bike town
Isabella Ainsworth shares a story about biking in Davis.
Bicycling home from school
Jocelyn Iris shares a poem about Davis.
A poem
Quinn H. shares a poem about the pitfalls of writing.
The Broken Chin
Griffin shares a story about grievous injury to his chin.
Diego Sandlin shares a story about crashing into an Enterprise truck.
Davis the Pricey Town
Sidra B. relates a humorous poem about the Davis economics.
Bike No, No’s
Natalie Mo shares some biking tips.
Henry M. shares a story about a kitten that tried to run for city council.
Davis is Great
William F. shares a song about Davis.
A place I call home
Kylie Thompson shares a poem about Davis.
The biggest crash ever
Sawyer Norton relates a bike crash.
David the Beautiful
Mikaela M. shares a poem about Davis.
Racha Elsbach shares a story about a fun Saturday with her friend Nicholas.
My Favorite Teacher
Taylor Kitchen shares a story about a teacher.
UC Davis
Zainub B. tells about biking to UC Davis.
The Drawing Contest
Alyssa L. shares a story about winning a drawing contest.
My 10th Birthday Party
Gwen Wonhof shares the story of her 10th birthday party.
Nicholas A. shares a Halloween story.
Hannah T tells a story about seasonal weather patterns.
Torrey F. tells a story about some scary shadows.
Naomi Miyamoto shares a story about how her family adopted a new kitten.
My Dog Chewed Down a Tree
Ryan Muller tells a story about his dog chewing down a tree.
Buying a House
Maya V. shares a story about waking up some toddlers.
Jonathan Kalinen shares a story about casting for Pinocchio.
The Bike Bridge
Alyssa Vallero shares a poem about Davis.
Lucas Solomon tells how much he loves Walnuts.
Davis my Home
Jane Seo shares what’s great about Davis.
Mrs. Davis
Camilla Jensen shares a story about one of her favorite teachers.
Another Davis Poem
Camilla Jensen shares a poem about Davis.
Davis Poem
Camilla Jensen shares a poem about Davis.
That Best Friend Down the Street
Deanna C. shares a story about her best friend.
All About Davis
Emilia Sloane shares a poem about Davis.
Sobre Aquamonsters
Brittany Steenbergen shares a story about a swimming contest.
Davis In Autumn
Krystal L. shares a story about Davis spirit.
The Blackout
Ruthie M. shares her experience in a Davis blackout.
The Turkey Trot
Kyle H. shares his experience at the Davis Turkey Trot.
El Apagon de luz en Davis
Katherine Macaulay relates a story about a day with her family.
Unas alas en Davis
Isabella M. shares how much she loves butterflies.
Davis Farmers' Market
Bror W. shares some of his experiences at the Farmer’s Market.
Caitlin H. tells about her experiences with gymnastics.
The Marketplace
John Conant shares a poem about the Davis Marketplace.
Caffe Italia
Katy S. shares with us one of her favorite places, Caffe Italia.
Piggy Park
Kim Z. tells a story about a park that is named after a pig.
Davis Art Center
Lauren Goodman-Shaver shares about the Davis Art Center.
Squirrels In Davis
Leo Goldstein shares a story about all the funny quirks of Davis Squirrels.
Madison shares a fun Halloween at the Monster Mash.
Farmer’s Market
Natalie share a story about the Farmer’s Market.
Olivia shares why Davis is so special to her.
The Marketplace
Patrick shares a story about the Davis Marketplace.
Farmers Market
Theresa shares her experience at the Davis Farmer’s Market.
The Davis Food Co-op Song
Daisy shares a song about the Davis Co-op.
The M.U.
Cameron relates a story about the Davis M.U.
The Whole Earth Festival
Casey shares an experience at the whole earth festival.
Sarah Finley shares a story about her childhood friend Aaron.
A Forever Farewell
Harmen K. shares a story about moving to Woodland, and missing Davis.

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