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Davis Community Scrapbook Contributors

In alphabetical order by last name.

Martha Amorocho
Believe It Or Not
David N. Anderson
The Richards Boulevard Underpass
Phil Barker
Remembrances of a Half-Century Ago
Heidi Marie Bekebrede
Davis Song by Heidi Bekebrede
Eve West Bessier
It's The Heat
Photo Opportunity
Judith Blum
Some of My Davis History and How Times Have Changed
Jill Brooks
Andrzej Brzeski
Remembering Davis
Nancy Richter Brzeski
Journey to UCD
Andrea Crane
Inspired by Old Oak Trees of Davis
Rosene Cronic
A Modern Day Brigadoon
Sharon Dario
My Cooking Triumph
Christy DeWees
Acorn Story
Peter Dyer
Back in Davis by Peter Dyer
Ice Cream
John Eisele
Memories of a Red Tomato Town
Move to Davis – Into A Haunted House
Peggy Epstein
Coming To Davis In 1919
Elaine Fingerett
Folk Music Jam Sessions In the UC Davis Arboretum
Vera Fontaine
Before St. Martin’s
New School Bathroom Problems by Vera Fontaine
Becky Goodchild
Treasure Hunting Nerdy Style
Anne Hance
Growing an Idea
Eva Mae Hatton
I Was a Rosie the Riviter
Peter Hays
The Summit
Jean Jackman
Bike Lure
Biking Buddy
Strange Thanksgiving Bird Visitors
Jobyna Kingsbury-Gankin
East Davis School (Valley Oak) 1955 to 1960
How I arrived in Davis
Janice Labadie
A Brief History of Soroptimist International of Davis
Strelitzia Flower Company -- “Home Grown and Still Growing!”
John Lofland
An Army of Unemployed Camp in Davis
Davis and Bette Davis
Sounding the Fire Alarm
Erick Lorenz
Norm Milstein
Moon’s Beneath the Lion by Norm Milstein
The Field by Norm Milstein
Judy Moores
Orb Spider
Summer in Davis
Waiting Owls
West Nile Virus 8/06
Dave Nachmanoff
George's Corner by Dave Nachmanoff
Little College Town by Dave Nachmanoff
Annie Nisen
Lily Nisen
Louise Oehler
Music In My Life in Davis
Eric O’Brien
Fastest in the Nation
Julie Partansky
How I Happened to Run For City Council in 1992 and again in1996
Gerald Peterson
My First Bike Ride
Welcome to Davis
Tony Phillips
Discovering Davis
Isabel Porter
Catch the Beat
Davis the Pro-Art City
Casey Powers
The Davis Hello!
The Davis Hello! 1st place
Ann Privateer
Three Davis Days
Russell Reagan
Davis Bicycles!
Norman Riley
A Dark Experience
Posters and Profits
Don Rudisill
Memories of Frank
Sally Sabottka
The Cat That Chased Dogs
Wendy Silk
Romance Develops at Davis Pickers and Singers
Shauna Summers
2006 UC Davis Cycling Team Champions
Mary Lee Thomson
Bears In Davis
Bill Wagman
John Whitehead
Bicycle Limericks, March 2001 – April 2002
Bicycle Limericks, March 2006 – June 2008
What Brought Me to Davis
Betty Wilson
Convergence of Science and Art In Davis City Hall
My Move to Davis in 1993
Keith and Susan vonBorstel
Partner Painting

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