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Back in Davis by Peter Dyer

Peter Dyer's original song about Davis, copyright 1987

Back in Davis by Peter Dyer

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Submitted by:  Peter Dyer, 5/22/2007

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I was stranded in an airport on a cold and dreary night
I was talking with a stranger, hoping for a morning flight
Conversation was soft and low--we were both dead on our feet
He said: "Where are you going--what's it like where you come from
And what will you do if they tell you there simply are no seats?"

I said: "I'll catch a plane and fly, get on a bus and ride out to those wide western spaces
Or climb aboard Amtrak, going clickety clack clack till I'm unpacking back in Davis
I feel the valley heat, I see the waving wheat, I smell a billion red tomatoes
Three water towers rising in a big blue sky tell me that I've arrived in Davis.

That's when I know I'm home back in the sunny heart of California
Then I'll settle down, me and my Yolo gal and forty thousand friendly faces
Hey now I'm on my way because today's the day I'm saying: 'Hey--
I'm back in Davis!'


Can't wait to see the boys, can't wait to make some noise, down at the old familiar places
Then I'll kick off my shoes and kick away these blues because I choose to live in Davis
I've travelled back and forth, east west and south and north, all over these United Stat-es
I guess I've been around, but now I'm homeward bound because there ain't no town like Davis

That's when I know....


I'm saying 'Hey--hooray I'm back in Davis!' "

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