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Student Writing Contest Winners/Honorable Mention 2007

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A Cat’s Skirmish
Michael I. tells a story about a cat battle. Honorable Mention.
Farmer’s Market
Alanna Quinn shares what she loves about the Farmer’s Market. Honorable Mention.
The Davis Song
Anna Navin shares a song about why Davis is so cool. Honorable Mention.
The Picnic Day Parade!!!
Pooja Tripathi shares her experience at the Picnic Day Parade. Honorable Mention
Kindergarten Best Friend
Torrie Wickham shares a story about one of her best friends. Honorable Mention.
My Favorite Teacher
Marlena Angermann shares a story about an awesome teacher. Honorable Mention.
The Davis Hello! 1st place
Casey Powers finds a way to spread cheer in Davis with a younger friend.
The Pumpkin Patch 2nd place
Yoojin delights in all aspects of the Pumpkin Patch.
A Poem of Davis
Kevin Anderson shares a poem about the fun things in Davis. Honorable Mention.

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