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Student Writing Contest 2006

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Moving to Davis
Alex shares his experience moving to Davis.
Best Friends
Annie tells the story of how she met her first friend.
Friends in Davis
Anthony tells a story about all of his friends in Davis.
Turkey Trot
Benedicto shares his experience at the Davis Turkey Trot.
The Tale of My Life
Bobby shares his experience of coming to Davis.
Cool Things About Davis
Brendan shares some of the things he likes to do in Davis.
Finding Friends
Brenden shares his experience of moving to Davis.
Remodeling My House
Colin tells the story of his house being remodeled.
Farmers Market
Connor shares what he loves about the Famers Market.
Davis Diamonds
Daniel shares the fun you can have at Davis Diamonds.
Skateboarding Adventures
Daniel J. shares a nifty experience while skateboarding.
Fun at Applegate
Hannah shares the story of meeting a friend at Applegate.
Emily shares why she likes Davis.
Davis is Nifty
Frank shares why Davis is cool.
Gabi shares a story about her soccer team.
School Friends
Jaci relates the story of how she met her friend.
Jacob shares why he likes Davis.
Times Around Davis
Jose shares some fun times about Davis.
Bi-lingual Davis
Julio shares things learned while in Davis.
Before I Moved to Davis
Katrina shares about her friends in Davis.
Kellen shares the neat things about Davis.
Davis Fireworks
Lemuel tells a story about Davis Fireworks.
Best Friends
Mari shares a story about friends in Davis.
Moving to Davis
Nick shares his experience coming to Davis.
Biking In Davis
Penny shares a story about biking in Davis.
Peter shares how friends came into his life.
Rafael shares some neat things about Davis.
Fourth Of July
Ryan shares what happened to him on the Fourth of July.
Fourth of July is Neat
Savannah shares why the Fourth of July is so nifty.
Celebrate Davis
Sevon shares a story about Celebrate Davis.
Sofia shares the story of moving back to Davis.
Susanna tells a story about her friends.
Davis is Nice
Tatiana share why she thinks Davis is a nice town.
Teddy shares a story about the Davis Arboretum.
Best Friend
Varun tell the story of his best friend from kindergarten.
Friends in Davis
Yesenia relates a story about friends from Davis.
No name relates moving to and from Davis.

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