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Summer in Davis

Scenery along a nice bike ride.

Submitted by: Judy Moores, 8/3/09

This entry relates to the past. 

Categories in this entry: Biking, Unforgettable Experiences 

I biked to Peak Performance early this morning from my home just west of the Davis city line.  As I traveled east on Russell Boulevard, two large colorful hot air balloons were floating down toward the university fields.  In the foreground a number of farm laborers worked in the green fields. Their colorful clothes matched the balloons and would have made the perfect photo. Further down the path, a young man with a toddler on his shoulders and a pre-schooler in tow watched from the bike path as the balloons touched down.  Then I passed an older woman taking pictures.  But best of all, as I passed a fence running south from the bike path, I spotted, hanging from the wire of the fence, three young ground squirrels surveying the scene – especially the balloons.  I continued on my way with a smile that lasted all the way across town.   

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