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Discovering Davis

Tony Phillips tells how he found out how nifty Davis is.

Discovering Davis

Tony and daughter Kate.

Submitted by: Tony Phillips, 5/09

This entry relates to the past, present.

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I first came to Davis back around 1992, when they were having the grand opening of the Davis skateboard park. I went there and it sucked! It still does. I lived in Fairfield at the time. In 2000 I started going to Sac State in the evenings after work and I would travel the freeway late at night through Davis, sometimes falling asleep at the wheel. I decided to live closer to Sacramento and Davis seemed like a good midway between work and school. I had no idea what a great town it is. My wife and I rented a little apartment on D st. and we soon had a little kid and we realized how awesome the parks were and all the activities going (like farmers market). Now we have 2 kids and one on the way and we realize how awesome the schools are and everthing else about this town. We'll never be able to afford a house in this town, but we manage some apartments, which allows us to have some extra money to pay for activities like sports, the art center, etc. The only draw back is that Davis is too far from the beach.

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