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New School Bathroom Problems by Vera Fontaine

Vera Fontaine begin teaching at West Davis Elementary School, now known as Caesar Chavez, before it was ready to open and some problems developed.

New School Bathroom Problems by Vera Fontaine

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Submitted by:  Vera Fontaine; 11/01/07
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We were teaching at Central School in 1954 which stood where the Farmers' Market is now.  We were due to move to a new school which was being built on Anderson Road.  West Davis Elementary was at the edge of town and right smack in the middle of a tomato field.  Across the street  from the school was the western boundary of Oeste Manor, a new subdivision that had just been completed.
    The school was almost  built  in October of '54 when the incoming staff was notified  that the move would take place shortly before Halloween.  Margaret O'Brien (now 97 years old) was the principal and 3d grade teacher of core subjects.  I, Vera Fontaine, taught the fun subjects:social studies, art, and for all of the six grades and the kindergarten , music.
    Moving day was exciting. Everything was new and shining.  There was just one thing wrong.  The kindergarten toilets had not arrived.
   One of the new Oeste Manor houses directly across the street had been purchased by Joe and Betsy Truffini.  Somehow, Betsy Truffini learned that the kindergarten class needed accommodation until the small toilets arrived.  She invited the kindergarten class to use her toilets until ours arrived.  And so, for many days the kindergartners were marched across the street to the Truffini's for their morning break . Betsy  not only offered the hospitality of her house, she also provided chocolate milk and cookies for each child,  It took a week or so for the kindergarten restroom to be completed.  I am sure there are many in their mid- fifties who remember chocolate milk and cookies  for recess at Truffini's.

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