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My Cooking Triumph

Sharon Dario recounts her what happened when she entered a cooking competition.

My Cooking Triumph

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Submitted by: Sharon Dario, 04/24/08
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Category(ies) of this entry:  Unforgettable Experiences
Neighborhood: Davis     

It is a Sunday, in Davis, CA, 1987 or 88, 11 a.m.  I enter the Vet’s Memorial Building, carrying my entry in the Davis Enterprise Cookbook Contest.   I deliver my Phyllo Fusion Rolls to the appropriate table and on my way out I see Marjorie Wellings, one of the judges, and a great supporter and contributor to the contest, at her place, ready to begin.

At three p.m. the judging is over and the awards are announced.  Third, Second, First prizes are awarded.  So then I know:  either I’ve won the sweepstakes, or nothing at all.   I feel really nervous, but try not to show it in front of my parents, who have driven over 100 miles to be here, and my neighbor, who is a very good cook.  I avert my eyes and pray.

“And finally, the Sweepstakes prize for Best of Show:   In the Quick and Easy category, Sharon Dario for her Phyllo Fusion Rolls.”   I float up to the stage to receive my purple ribbon.    The photographer snaps my picture.   Then we all stand up and excitedly join the hungry crowd waiting to taste everything.    We take our time, and try as many of the winning dishes as we can—shoving the last of the crumbs onto our plastic spoons. 

I want to do something for that gracious Enterprise staff who will publish all the recipes in one big supplemental issue next week.   On Monday morning I get up at 5:00 a.m., bake two batches of the Rolls, and deliver them to the Enterprise office on G. Street on my way to work.   Now everyone will get a good taste of the winning dish.

Five years later:   I receive a telephone call from a stranger. She says she’s made my recipe often for her family, (Wow!) and then asks me if the dish freezes well.  “Honestly, I’ve only made it a few times and never frozen it.  Sorry.”  We chat briefly and I say goodbye, without getting her name.  Darn, why didn’t I get her name?  I’ve since lost the recipe and I’d like to make it again. 

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