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My Move to Davis in 1993

Betty Wilson describes how and why she moved from Plumas County to Davis.

Submitted by: Betty Wilson, 11/2007
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In 1993 during a severe winter snowstorm in Plumas County, my home for 33 years, I began to examine the possibility of moving to a milder winter climate. 

The following spring I visited friends in Davis during Picnic Day weekend.  Though rain was falling in torrents our spirits were not dampened.  We wore raincoats for the parade  but we didn’t have to carry shovels.  We heard the Battle of the Bands, took a tour of the Botany Department’s wildflower bouquets gathered from fields nearby, ate fresh campus-grown vegetables, saw displays of primeval plants, and visited the Campus Bookstore. 

At the Farmers Market petitions about environmental concerns, frogs, playgrounds, noise (especially snoring), spirituality, and computer classes were posted. There was a Raptor Center, recycling center, and picnic at the dump! 

If I lived in Davis I could GO (without shoveling snow or putting on chains) in a few minutes to shopping malls, the country where hawks perch on fence posts, the hills where you can see part of the Bay Bridge on one side and the Capitol Building on the other, the Explorit with grandchildren for information about native culture or stars at night, the Arboretum to see living plants from all over the world, programs at the Hattie Weber Museum on African photo safaris or local history.  I could visit nearby vernal pools untouched by man.  I didn’t even know nearby Arco Arena would become a drawing card for my sons-in-law!

My mind was made up.  I bought a condo near the athletic club and close to a bus stop.   I could see my beloved Sierras from my bedroom window along with the rising sun at daybreak and the tall buildings of Sacramento very faintly on the horizon.  I felt this was the very best location in all Davis.

When I came home I turned the key and walked in the door.  My yard was taken care of and there was no shoveling to do!  Yes, moving to Davis was a very happy change in my life.   

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