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Davis and Bette Davis

John Lofland tells of how Davis was almost named after Bette Davis

Submitted by:  John Lofland, 10,16, 2006
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Category(ies) of this entry:  Famous People

The week-end of November 9, 1940, a “publicity man” for Warner Brothers came to Davis and asked leaders if they would like Bette Davis’ next motion picture to premiere here, complete with a personal appearance by Miss Davis. 

Leaders responded enthusiastically. But, there was a catch. As part of the deal, the town’s name had to be changed to Bette Davis.  This part was not received enthusiastically and no deal was made.

Instead, Editor Maghetti penned, “Davis will remain [a] retiring . . . little village along the north bank of Putah Creek . . .” (DE, 11-15-40).

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