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Moon’s Beneath the Lion by Norm Milstein

Norm Milstein wrote this song about the field on Pole Line adjacent to where the Hunt’s Cannery used to be. He walked there with his dog for several nights while a sweet crescent moon curved beneath the constellation Leo.

Submitted:  Norm Milstein, November 11, 2007
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THE MOON'S BENEATH THE LION  (Norm Milstein, 7/96)


F,G,C,Am  The moon's beneath the lion
F,G,C,Am  Crescent, new and bright (Opt.ß , no Am)
F,G,Am,Em I'm wandering with a happy little hound
F,G,C  Through the silent fields of night

Em,F I gaze upon the archer
C,G Jupiter is shining there
F,Em Near that giant scorpion
F,G Or is it really a prickly pear

Em,F The cannery is glowing
C,G Do they really cook tomatos all night?
F,Em  I'm glad I'm not on a graveyard shift
F,G With those rivers of red delight 'cause


Em,F The times to plant and harvest
C,G We confirmed by watching these stars
F,Em Bards spun extravagant stories
F,G To try to explain what they are

Em,F We've painted the darkness with creatures
C,G They glide overhead while we sleep
F,Em But tonight I am part of the pageant
      F,G And the night is so tender and deep

Em,F Awed by the lights in the heavens  
C,G Our ancestors pondered and stared.
F,Em Sailors and lovers and priests in stone circles
F,G Have marveled at what's up there

Em,F A few minutes in the cosmos
C,G To enjoy these incredible sights
F,Em I don't want to just rush through life
F,G I want to savor the beauty of the sky tonight


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