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Three Davis Days

Ann Privateer tells of strong visual memories of Davis

Three Davis Days

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Submitted by: Ann Privateer, 10/4/2007
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It used to be, about thirty years or so ago, that driving the outskirts of
town was a real treat.  Paralleling I 80 on the frontage road, we could see the
Sierra Mountains while traveling east, or the Napa Hills going west, and, if
there had been a snowfall, Snow Mountain to the North. 

My kids were just about as excited as I was to see the first snow because
they knew it wouldn't be long before we'd spend a day of snow play in Baxter. 
The first snow fall for me signaled that spring wild flowers would be plentiful.

Sometimes, other points of interest caught our attention.  On Three occasions
I happened to have a camera long.  We moved to South Davis in 1972 and lived
there until we moved into central Davis in 75.  I think this house was moved
sometime during that period.  How exciting it was for my children and for me to
see a house moving down the street.  The old garage roof caught my eye one
day while looking for something old to photograph because I thought the
corrugated metal looked unique.  All that remained of a mattress or box spring
after the winter rains was the rusted, twisted pile discarded by someone on the
North side of frontage road.  There it was, full bloom rust when I went out one
lovely spring day to photograph wild flowers. 

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