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Bicycle Limericks, March 2001 – April 2002

John Whitehead rides in the Davis Bike Club annual March contest to ride as many miles as possible in March and is inspired to write poetry during this annual rite of spring and year-around.

Submitted by:  John Whitehead, November 2008

This entry relates to the past.

Category(ies) of this entry:  Bicycle, Poetry.


March 2001:

Rhymes happen when cycling all day

Road poems, hmmm, what can I say?

No rhyme dictionary 

Has words fictionary

And the pages might just blow away.


April 2001:

You've bicycled thousands of miles

While your junk mail has stacked up in piles

Amidst this big mess

Don't forget I R S

Mail it soon, lest they look through your files.


June 2001, Napa County:

It's uphill but we've got it made

Hot summer and here's awesome shade

From home it is far

Can you guess where we are?

This pun was penned here on Ink Grade.


September 2001:

I found a shiny utensil near my humble abode

Now on my bike rack it adds to my load

Being flattened and bent

It's not fit for a gent

But it fascinates me, 'twas a fork in the road.


March 2002:

I think up ridiculous rhymes

They're not worth the ink in the Times

But to juggle with words

Makes delightful absurds

Surely poets could never be mimes.


March 2002:

It would have been nice to push "snooze"

But in March there is no time to lose

After yesterday's rain

Sun and wind come again

Perfect weather for drying my shoes.


April 2002:

I'm now free to ride any bike

Whenever, wherever I like

The mileage won't matter

I'll go slow with a clatter

Next weekend I might take a hike.

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