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Lily Nisen

Annie Nisen relates the triumphs and tragedy of her daughter Lily’s short life

Submitted by:  Annie Nisen10/26/06
This entry relates to the past
Category(ies) of this entry:  Tragedies

In June 2003, Miss Lily Nisen graduated from Davis
High School. Lily tossed her blue graduation hat high
into the air along with the rest of her graduating
class.  She worked at Redwood Barn nursery during the
school year in order to save her wages for college.
Lily was accepted to both UC Santa Cruz and UC Santa
Barbara campuses. She chose to attend San Diego State
University in order to major in Graphic Design.
  Lily, age nineteen, a Davis California girl was
found bludgeoned and knifed to death on Memorial Day,
2004.  Her blood soaked body had been dumped on a San
Diego sidewalk.
  For the previous twelve years before this, Lily
played World Cup Soccer in the Memorial Day Weekend
Tournaments in Davis, California.  Lily was a
energetic skillful soccer player, participating in
both AYSO and Metro. She was a vital team member of
SHANGO, which placed first for several years. 
  Lily eventually grew to become six feet tall, much
to her delight. With those lovely long legs of hers,
she was a wonder to behold on the soccer fields,
taking the ball all the way down the field, showing
the ultimate of teamwork with her sister soccer
players. Her corner kicks are legendary. Oftentimes,
Lily and some of her teammates would dye their hair to
match the color of their soccer jerseys. Lily loved to
run and there were very few who could catch up with
her as she ran through the soccer fields with her
fuschia hair blowing in the wind.
  Lily was a very intelligent, creative, gentle-yet-
spirited young woman who was a gifted whimsical
artist, great soccer player, and a real mermaid who
would swim far out into the Pacific Ocean wearing only
a bathing suit. "Sure, the Ocean is cold for just a
second, Mom. Come on in!"
  Lily went all throutgh the GATE program in the Davis
school district at Valley Oak and Holmes Junior High.
Lily won quite a number of prizes for her Art and
coloring contests throughout the Davis area.
  When Lily was younger she participated in many clay
classes with Clarice Baker at the Davis Art Center.
She also took French language classes early in the
mornings at the Davis Art Center.
  Lily loved being a ballerina in Lisa Applegate's
ballet classes. She also enjoyed swimming in Aqua
Darts and playing Water Polo. 
  Lily and her mom, Annie, lived in student family
housing in Russel Park for many years. Mother and
daughter were often seen together around town at the
Davis Library, enjoying a Jamba Juice, eating their
favorite meals at Dos Coyotes, riding their bicycles
everywhere, or just enjoying a walk together.
    I am Annie Nisen, Lily's mom.  Lily is my only
child and I will love Lily and miss Lily forever.
My heart is broken at her senseless passing.

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