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Move to Davis – Into A Haunted House

John Eisele relates the weird happenings after moving into an older Davis house.

Submitted by:  John Eisele; 11/06
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    We moved to Davis looking for a sizeable house, and with some courage I knocked on the door of a nice but older house.  The owner lived alone and I discovered that I knew his daughter, which helped me suggest that he might be happier in a condo and renting or selling his house to us. Wow, he liked the idea, and in time we moved into this big, dark and dusty house.  Soon, our daughter complained that her shoes were not where she put them before bed, and our second daughter noted that her teddy-bears had been moved from one room to another.  We knew the house looked kind of spooky until one night my wife felt her bed sheet being pulled down to the floor, which woke her up.  She smelled smoke so we ran downstairs to see the rug burning from a fireplace ember, we thought. We put out the fire, but my wife thought about what woke her, saying it must be the ghost, so let's name it.  And we did, SNEAKERS we decided, because it often moved sneakers at night.
    We asked neighbors if they had heard of a ghost at number 63, and none of them had, and though the former owner's wife was killed in an accident on Russell, she unfortunately died before retuning home.  Later we had a visit from the daughter who brought her kids to see the old home, an we asked her about ghosts, which she couldn't remember. She did recall one unpleasant memory when kid baby brother ran into the street and before an oncoming car the family dog ran out to get killed but saved her brother.  They buried their brave dog near the house.  Then I asked her the dog's name, and she said, after reflecting, it was SNEAKERS.

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