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Remembering Davis

Andrzej shares his story of coming to Davis.

Submitted by Andrzej Brzeski; 01/2008

This story relates to the past.

Categories: Coming to Davis, New Beginnings, UCD, Unforgettable Experiences. 


When I first came to Davis, in the summer of 1963, it was a small town. There was only one restaurant, Mr. B’s, and one could safely leave one’s bike on the campus overnight unlocked. After a while, most people one passed on Second Street looked familiar, and quite a few were actually acquaintances. Of course, shopping opportunities were restricted, but there was a good bike shop and very soon, bicycling became the main mode of transportation. I added a baby seat and was able to carry our one-year-old daughter, Eva, all around the town. It was fun. Everything was small scale; one felt safe day and night. There might have been only rudimentary medical facilities, but our physician, Dr. Kennedy, made house calls. I remember him coming to see our baby son, Jan, on Father’s Day at dinnertime. That was the way of Davis then. Even though we appreciate all the opportunities our growing city now offers, I still miss it.

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