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Convergence of Science and Art In Davis City Hall

Betty Wilson’s letter to the editor, inspired by attending Primal Connections.

Submitted by Betty Willson, ll/6/2008 This entry relates to the past. Category(ies) of this entry: Art, Science.
Recently I attended the thought provoking exhibit Primal Connections:  The Convergence of Art and Science  in the Davis City Hall, of  Barbara Shawcroft’s  works, drawings and  models and James Shakelford’s computer generated images and 3-dimensional models.


This set me to thinking of other convergences of science and art to be found here in Davis such as hearing a FM station broadcast in our cars of a beautiful symphony written hundreds of years ago, the thrill of a moving fetal image in a sonogram at the doctor’s office, prismatic reflections in holograms such s Robert Behrens sculpture Solar Intersections in front of the train station, postal stamps celebrating space exploration, jet streaks above, the fascinating images projected on the small TV screen from the probe microscope at the Explorit  converting the hairs on my head into translucent tubes, mathematical curves created by graphing exponential equations,  forming all kinds of graceful arches, undulating waves,  floating planes like flying carpets, infinite in size traveling out into space or finite and contained in two or three dimensions (which I trust can be found on campus!)  prisms  and kaleidoscopes which can be bought  for kids of all ages, mouth-watering concoctions created by our local bakeries and eateries performing the science and art of cooking, the beauty of the silver ribbons of water running out into the lazer-leveled fields in the spring, and the opportunity in almost every home to see incredible TV programs such as the mesmerizing “Color of Infinity” on Channel 6 last week.


Science is defined as “having knowledge” and art is defined as “skill” and secondarily, “using this skill to create something aesthetic.”  I am glad I live in Davis where there is a lot of convergence!!


Betty Wilson


Letter to the Editor, DAVIS ENTERPRISE    March 27, 1998 

published  4-2-98

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