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Bicycle Limericks, March 2006 – June 2008

John Whitehead rides in the Davis Bike Club annual March contest to ride as many miles as possible in March and is inspired to write poetry during this annual rite of spring and year-around.

Submitted by:  John Whitehead, November 2008

This entry relates to the past.

Category(ies) of this entry:  Bicycle, Poetry



March 2006:

The decrepit old man on the Hill

Said "Passing you's hardly a thrill

My name's Big Ring Bob

'Cause I don't have a job

And my muscles get worked while yours chill."


January 2007 (temperature 27 F): 

I survived a cold ride on my bicycle

Then arrived home as not quite an icicle 

The mercury dip

Now moves me to quip

When it's perfect for skating out, whycycle? 


March 2007:

My job comes with one welcome quirk

I get to go biking at work

But I lose bits of skin

To that rusty old Schwinn

So I wouldn't quite call it a perk.


March 2007:

If a pot hole or nasty wind gust

Makes you worry you're going to bite dust 

Ride my trusty old Schwinn

In a race and you'll win

Bumps feel smooth on a bike made of rust. 


November 2007 (Mix Canyon Road in Solano County):

In a valley out there in the sticks

We will turn at a sign that says Mix

If you think its "just hilly"

You will laugh yourself silly

When it feels like your bike's made of bricks.


March 2008:

The calendar lines up again

March weekend days count up to ten

Inspiration inside

Leaves me less time to ride

Please help me let go of my pen!


June 2008:

Sharp corners were turned on a dime

All hammered with no hills to climb

They raced with no pack

Nor a bike off the back

At the Steve Dunlap Trial for Time.

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