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George's Corner by Dave Nachmanoff

Dave Nachmanoff's song about a man who has devote himself to beautifying the corner of 2nd and L Streets

George's Corner by Dave Nachmanoff

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Submitted by:  Dave Nachmanoff, 7/26/06
This entry relates to the past and present
Category(ies) of this entry:  Song, Neighborhoods

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At the corner of 2nd and L streets, there used to be nothing at all
Railroad tracks on the south side, to the west the substation wall
Now there are baskets full of plants and flowers, carefully arranged
And big rocks splashed with colors, of day-glo fluorescent paint


When I drive by George’s Corner, it always puts a smile upon my face
We each could pick a corner of our own to try to make a better place

I don’t know if George is homeless, he rides a bike everywhere
With grizzled beard, and baseball cap, pulled over shortcropped hair
His face is worn and weathered, he’s got periwinkle eyes
A gardener, a neighbor, an artist, he works and beautifies



Most of us are rushing ‘round, commanded by the calendar and clock
No time to improve things, or wonder when the treadmill’s gonna stop


The corner changes with the seasons, sometimes from week to week
He’s out there in the autumn chill, or the burning summer heat
I’ve seen pink carnations, verdant ferns, and golden marigolds
Sometimes it’s just rocks and sticks in the winter when it’s cold


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