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The Davis Hello!

Casey Powers finds a way to spread cheer in Davis with a younger friend.

Submitted by:  Casey Powers, 11/07
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Category(ies) of this entry:  Student Writing, Neighborhood

    I am in sixth grade and I go to an after school
program, which is usually busy with lots of little
kids that enjoy tackling me when we go to the park.
One little girl, Lauren, always wants me to play with
her and her friends, and sometimes I realize it really
isn’t an option.
    We were all on the play structure yesterday, all
shouting at the same time, when I noticed a little
girl playing by herself on the slide.  I realized she
wasn’t from the after school program, so I asked her
if she wanted to play with me.
    At first she seemed really surprised that an older
kid would ask her that question.  But when I told her
my name and asked her hers, she grinned and said her
name was Emma.
    I took the group of girls up a grassy hill
overlooking a bike path that leads to our school.
Since it was a very popular path, many people were
crossing.  I smiled at a biker riding by and shouted,
“Hello!”  And of course, the biker looked up and
smiled, wondering who I was and why I called.
    The girls and I got an idea that we would wave at
every person who passed by.  It was a really fun game,
because most people waved and said “Hello” back!
    Pretty soon, an older woman came walking up and asked
us what we were doing.  We all explained we were
“spreading cheer”.  And pretty soon, she was right
next to us, chatting about how cool Davis is, and what
school we went to, stuff like that.  I also learned
she retired a few years ago from the junior high
school, Emerson.  I told her that I would be attending
that school just next year!
    Pretty soon, we had to say goodbye, and I had to
leave Emma.  She was really sweet, so I was sad to go.
 But I’m sure that one day we will meet again, because
Davis is a very sweet, small town.

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