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Believe It Or Not

Martha Amorocho remembers a rare snowfall in Davis.

Believe It Or Not

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Submitted by:  Martha Amorocho, November 2006
This entry relates to: Past
Category(ies) of this entry:  Weather, Unforgettable Experiences, UC Davis
Neighborhood:  UC Davis
This photo was taken in front of the Poultry Health Lab, off Road 113 in February 1973. Carol Ramseier was office manager at the Lab and I, Martha Amorocho, was a lab technician.  We were greatly surprised to see so much snow in Davis and had to commemorate this rare event.
My little daughter, who was 10 years old at the time, was delighted to build a snowman in our back yard.  Some of our plants did not fare so well.  A cactus looked dead for over a year, but surprisingly came back to life.  However, our ferns and some other greenery were gone forever.
If the snow was somewhat of a mixed blessing, it made life in Davis a little more exciting and it gave us a day to remember.
Submitted by Martha Amorocho in November 2006.  She came to Davis in 1961 and plans to stay forever.

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