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My First Bike Ride

Gerald Peterson is the voice/translator for a kitten named Escape, found by cyclists.

Submitted by: Gerald Peterson, October 2008

This category relates to the past, present.

Categories of this entry: Bicycle, Pets.


I was born in February 2008 and took my first bike ride one month later.  It was lots of fun thanks to the nice people from the Davis Bike Club.


When I was born I had many brothers and sisters.  I was sad when my owner told me he could not keep me. One day he took me for my first car trip far away in the country. I saw many new things in the orchards.  Suddenly the car stopped; my owner opened the door, took me from my warm box and put me down by the roadside.  Before I knew what happened my owner returned to his car and drove off. I was alone, hungry and very afraid. I missed my mom and my brothers and sisters.  What should I do? 


I noticed people coming toward me riding funny looking machines.  I got their attention by meowing as loudly as I could as I ran to the middle of the road.  The ladies stopped and shouted, “Look, there is an abandoned kitten”.  I didn’t know their names but their shirts said DAVIS BIKE CLUB.  Then three men arrived on their machines.   I later learned the contraptions were called bicycles.  The older man had a very funny looking bike with a chair like seat.  His bike had a case on it so he put me in there and zipped it nearly shut. It was dark and scary inside the bag and I didn’t like it one bit. 


Luckily the zipper was open just enough for me to get my front paws through. Slowly the zipper opened so I could stick my head out.  I heard one man shout, “The cat is getting out of the bag” as I scampered out of the bag, climbed up the back of the bike seat and jumped onto the older man’s left shoulder.  We were going very fast so I held on tightly with all my four paws and all of my claws.  Wheeee, this was fun.  I enjoyed my first bike ride although the older man didn’t think it was so funny.


The riders took me to a nearby veterinary clinic and found a new and caring family for me.  I like my new family but I wish they would take me for another bike ride soon.

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