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Before St. Martin’s

Vera Fontaine relates a humorous story of what happened when she played the organ at Episcopal Church service when it met in the Varsity Theater.

Submitted by:   Vera Fontaine, 11/1/07
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The Episcopal church was built on Hawthorne Lane in the early sixties. Prior to that,  services were held for a time on Sunday mornings in the Varsity Theater.  I was called upon to provide organ music for the services.  A portable organ was placed on wheels at the head of the right aisle.  There was no seat, so I stood to play.  Time came for the service to start, and for me to play the Prelude.  I started.  I did not count on either the slope of the aisle nor the fact that the rollers were not equipped with brakes. My hand pressure on the keys caused the organ to start moving, and move it did, gaining momentum as it proceeded down the aisle with me valiantly trying to keep up and keep the music going at the same time.  The organ and I ended up at the stage apron, much to the amusement of the congregation.  By the next Sunday brakes had miraculously appeared on the trolley.

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