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Growing an Idea

Anne Hance's recollections of the founding of the Explorit Science Center

Growing an Idea

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Submitted by:  Anne Hance, 5/22/2007
This entry relates to the past
Category(ies) of this entry:  Explorit aka Davis Science Center, New beginnings

It was 1979.  There were five of us, or was it six, drinking our choices of coffee or tea in a comfortable living room in a large house along Russell Boulevard. A pale sun was streaming through the windows and dancing on the polished floor.

"I do believe we could make it work. I was involved in a similar thing when I was a teenager and could write to them to see if they published anything about their founding and how they actually went about starting."

"OK, but what sort of place are we talking about here?"

Thin wisps of steam, caught in the sunlight, rose from the cups and the five, or six, women watched them idly as they sorted out their thoughts about this next venture they were considering.

"Smallish, I think. Not big like the Exploratorium or the Lawrence Hall of Science."

"Right, and different from the Sacramento Junior Museum. This should involve all sciences and somehow be able to let people find out how science is part of all of our everyday lives."

"It needs to be sort of informal - casual - quiet - a friendly place that anyone, any age, any background will feel comfortable in."

We could start it in a garage. Anyone here have a garage that's empty?"
No one did. The conversation drifted on to other things but the seed was sown and in Spring 1982, following many months of serious effort, the Davis Science Center opened its doors to the public at 525 C Street.

The Center is now called Explorit. has had its 25th Anniversary, operates from two Davis locations, and is a much loved place visited by people of all ages from all over the US - even the world!

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