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A handful of issues you will enjoy reading over and over again

May 2005
This is the second issue of The Spare Changer. "Homeless the Hard Way" first appeared here. It talks about stigma and stereotype. And offers hope
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January 2008
Cesar Chavez Plaza:Truly Affordable Housing As It Should Be
April 2008
Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter ( Communities, UC Davis Intern Volunteers Aid Unsheltered Poor Winter 2007-08. See How Our Little City Takes Care OF Its Own
November 2006
Recycling and The Unsheltered Poor Keeping Our Cool in the Summertime
May 2007
Part III Of the 2007 Four Issue Alcohol, Drugs and Homelessness Series. A 'Must Read More Than Once'.
May 2008
Police/unsheltered poor relations and Quality of Life Infractions. Question whether Davis is 'homeless friendly' and what that means, and more. Reprints from the very early days of The Spare Changer!

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