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The Spare Changer is now providing an annual subscription option for its readers. This means you will no longer miss an issue for lack of sufficient Client Vendors on the street, or because you simply do not live in Our Little City of Davis.

As you may know, and as the Mission Statement atop each issue implies, our primary goal is to provide a vehicle to facilitate the placement of cash donations directly into the hands of our panhandling unsheltered poor; this, from the hands of those who are compassionate enough to place them there in exchange for The Paper, giving both dignity, and desire, in the doing. Since distribution of this homeless 'street sheet,' this homeless newsletter/journal/magazine is largely CV (Client Vendor) driven, I am pleased to announce The Spare Changer 16 Page Subscriber Edition, along with The Publisher's Daily Blog! Just log in! Your Subscriber issues will also contain Special Informational Content unavailable in the 12 Page Street Edition, as well as Special FREE Bonuses throughout the year. Additional articles and information from Subscriber Readers and Members of Social Service Communities who have something to convey about the hardships of homelessness and the panhandling poor, and what is being done to address these hardships in light of deepening budget cuts are of course more than welcome to submit monthly as well. As Editor-in-Chief I strongly encourage you to participate. Space Is Limited. Of course early Subscriber submissions will usually command priority interest. I invite you to Read, Subscribe, Submit to 'The Spange' and Enjoy!

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