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Thank You For Visiting The Spare Changer On-line!

Welcome to The Spange Community.

In the coming months you will read and hopepefully submit your thoughts about themes and about topics that concern us all, sheltered and un-sheltered alike. Your articles may be 5 columns or less. Quality articles should try to be "from the heart," entertaining or informative. As Editor-in-Chief, I will be looking for all three.

I do want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your subscription to this On-line Subscriber Edition of The Spare Changer, mostly because much, if not all, of the revenue will build a war chest to promote awareness and combat ambivalence if not apathy in the world around us... And ignorance too. But also, I want to say 'thanks' because I was, until very recently also a member of the homeless community and were it not for your support I cannot say where I would be today.  After all, we are Community, large and small, with a responsibility to take care of our own. In Our Little City, in Our United States of America, there is just no excuse for anyone not having a place to call 'home'.

Read and Submit to 'The Spange' and Enjoy

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