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The Spare Changer is a monthly newsletter. There are no paid advertisements, no grants as yet and no salaries. The publication is given to Client Venders in need and to Volunteer Vendors. It is entirely by their retro-donations and fund raising through the distribution of the publication, that TSC goes about its business of acting as a conduit between the ”haves” and the “have-nots” of a community, just as its namesake publication continues to do. And no, all CV's do not retro-donate as asked. Some simply can not. Many many papers are given to transients and locals not asked to give a retro. As Publisher of The Spare Changer and Executive Director of TSC, my I ask for your support and at the same time offer a Spare Changer Street Edition for your community, which you may re-distribute upon written permission. Send Letters of Interest to: about Street Editions in Your Community. Let me earn your understanding and trust. Lawson

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