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Teach Another Language to Kids

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A Second-Language Enrichment Program for Young Children in Davis, California


AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE, FRENCH and SPANISH classes at seven locations in Davis!


There's no time like early childhood to absorb a second language, as everyone knows. But in Davis, unless your child is enrolled in a language immersion program at school, they won't be given a chance to learn a second language in school until junior high school.

That's where TALK comes in!

TALK uses a play-based, full-immersion environment that takes advantage of children's natural ability to absorb language. Classes take place daily before school, when children's minds are fresh and ready to learn. As they participate in crafts, games, role playing and music in their target language, they develop vocabulary, language structure, and unwittingly begin to speak another language. It's like a daily immersion trip to another country!


For a glimpse into day-to-day TALK classrooms, please visit our blog at



JANUARY 29 - MAY 25, 2018



TALK registration is handled by the Davis Arts Center and can be done in-person at 1919 F Street, by phone at (530) 756-4100 or online at  Online registration is not available after classes start.  

Contact us at for more info.

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