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Information for current TALK families



September 23, 2019 to January 30, 2020


All ASL Classes Open to Junior High Students 7th-8th Grade 
St. James ASL Classes Open to TK Students!


Sentimientos del Dia

Ready for TALK?

Please register and pay fees, and print out your TALK calendar.

Please read this page in its entirety to familiarize yourself with the entire program.  We promise it won't go on and on!




Though TALK is an independent parent-run non-profit, we are partnered with the Davis Arts Center (DAC) for all registration needs. You can register through DAC online, over the phone at (530) 756-4100, or in person at 1919 F Street (corner of Covell and F). 

Please note DAC charges $10 more for non-members, so DAC members should log-in first if registering online.  If registering after the semester start date, please register by phone or in person at DAC -- online registration is not available after classes have begun.

If your class is full, call DAC and ask to be added to the waitlist.  There is often movement between classes the first week of class, so additional spots may open up.



Fall 2019 Info Coming Soon!


What does that tuition pay for?

TALK is led by a group of volunteer parents who work to create and sustain language classes at various sites, usually because they have a child or children they would like to take those classes. We collect tuition to cover hiring, payroll and tax withholding for our teachers, space rental for the classes, plus insurance and supplies.  Our agreement with the Davis Arts Center means that they get 15-25% of our income in order to cover space usage and the logistics of advertising and registration.


TALK Schedules / Calendars


Fall 2019 Info Coming Soon!



Fall 2019 Info Coming Soon!



Fall 2019 Info Coming Soon!



2019-20 Site-Specific Calendars

2019-20 Info Coming Soon!

Old Calendars for Reference:

 TALK Calendar 2018-19 - Birch Lane / Korematsu / North Davis / Patwin / Pioneer Elementary

 TALK Calendar 2018-19 - Davis Arts Center
 TALK Calendar 2018-19 - St. James School

TALK sets a new calendar each year. While the calendar mostly follows the Davis Joint Unified School District calendar, please note that our classes start a few weeks after the beginning of the school year, to allow time for kids to get back into their rhythm, to give us extra time to advertise the program, and to match better with the UC Davis academic year.



Parent E-mail List

When you register your child in TALK, you will be added to the e-mail list. However, if you would like to add another e-mail to the list or otherwise manage your subscription, please see our e-mail list subscription page.




Teachers communicate with parents in a variety of ways, verbally before class, or via e-mail. They can also describe classroom life in the TALK Teacher Blog, with tips on vocabulary, activities, and themes.



For families in financial need, but for whom learning a second language is very important, TALK offers a few partial scholarships each year.  To apply, please use the TALK Scholarship Application.  Applications should be returned in person or by mail to TALK, PO Box 757, Davis CA 95617.  Each semester, scholarship applications must be received by the Thursday prior to the start of classes.  Parents must reapply for scholarships each semester.

Board Meetings

Each site has an appointed parent volunteer to provide liaison between parents and the Board of Directors. However, if you would like to bring anything to the attention of the Board of Directors, each meeting begins with a ten-minute open-comment period for just such matters. We welcome your input.

Board meetings are held monthly, typically in the evenings, and usually at the Davis Arts Center.  Contact us at for more information.

TALK is an independent parent-run non-profit organization. 100% of tuition goes toward teacher salaries, facilities rentals, registration and liability coverage, and classroom supplies. We manage all this by having an all-volunteer parent Board of Directors. And we always welcome volunteers!

Several Board members have expressed a desire to step down but are concerned there are no new parents willing to replace them. If you are a stay at home parent planning to on-ramp back into a professional career later, Board membership is a great way to build up your résumé.

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